Hello! My name is Skylar Zilka, and I'm a freelance copywriter with a passion for empowering positive change with words. I do that in two ways, which you'll find out here. In this overview, I'll explain what you'll find with Honeycomb Copy.


My name is Skylar Zilka, and I'm a freelance copywriter for nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations. I'm so honored to have you visit.

If you want to build an engaged community that supports your mission and grows your impact, I encourage you to keep reading. ⬇️


Humans are the heartbeat of your organization. They are your boots on the ground and voices that help you make a difference.

Passionate people comprise your volunteers, donors, employees, and board members. But, without engagement from each of them, your mission becomes wishful thinking, an ideal.

That’s why your communication matters.

Your communication is what drives action and rallies the masses. It’s what shares impact stories of the good work you’re doing and brings awareness to the causes that matter.

However, from emails to social posts, keeping up with your communications can feel stressful and overwhelming.

There’s too much to share, and much too little time. Consistency becomes a chore. Finding unique ways to share your mission becomes a challenge you don’t want to bear, and it distracts you from doing more of the things that will help grow your organization.

At Honeycomb Copy, I’ll ask insightful questions to clarify your mission. Then, I’ll craft your message so that you can engage with your stakeholders and cultivate a community of changemakers.

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Why Copywriting?

You could say copywriting is the sweet sauce to driving engagement. Copywriting is empathetic, engages your reader, and invites them to take action.

It's Empathetic

You must understand your audience inside and out. Getting the results you want without knowing your audience is hard (if not impossible). That's why you write with them in mind for every word. Research is key to gaining a greater understanding of your organization's audience and what they really want.

It's Engaging

By knowing your audience, you can write in a way that engages their interest - not just in what you say, but how you say it. Without the right messaging, it doesn't matter where you post or how often you publish. What you ask and how it connects with your readers must come first. Otherwise, they will just skim past it.

It's Clear

Keep it simple - that's a key component of copywriting. Your readers should feel confident about what you do and the next step they can take. Making your communications concise and free of fluff helps to provide clarity, confidence, and motivation for them to take action.


Having written in multiple industries – especially in humanitarian causes – I can write compelling copy that will empathize with your audience, keep them engaged, and beckon a response to your call-to-action.

Copywriting Services

I can write and edit your copy.

If you have a content marketing project that requires words, I can write it for you! I can wordsmith anything from emails and websites to brand video scrips and downloadable guides. You name it, and I'll write a custom proposal for a plan that will meet your needs.

I can leverage SEO to elevate your mission.

Not only do I wordsmith, but I understand on-page SEO and keyword research. I can bring your content to the next level by creating valuable content your audience is already looking for. This way, you can get in front of the right people and elevate your mission. All it takes is a dash of on-page SEO strategy, which I can develop for you.

I can clarify your messaging strategy.

I focus on using clear brand messaging that will serve and engage your ideal audience. Your brand messaging can only be effective if you know who you're talking to and what action you want them to take. If your ideal audience feels confused when they read your content, or they're just not taking that next step, I would be happy to add some clarity and help with your brand messaging development.

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DIY Messaging Strategies

I realize not everyone in the mission-driven space can afford a copywriter. Even so, I want this space to impact your organization. So, not only do I provide direct and customized services, but I also provide strategies you can apply to your nonprofit communications. I also promote cool brands and organizations from time to time that are doing incredible things worldwide. There's definitely room to learn from them, and just sharing these uplifting brands makes me happy.

Feel free to browse the blog or follow Honeycomb Copy on Instagram to find this DIY content.

If you ever have a question or want to reach out, I would love to hear from you! You're welcome to fill out my contact form, email me (skylar@honeycombcopy.net), follow me on Instagram, or connect on LinkedIn.

Remember: who you are and what you do matter so much. We're all in this together, and I believe that if we use our resources wisely and elevate the missions that matter, we can make the world a better place for everyone.