Copywriting Services for Your Mission-Driven Organization

Copywriting Services for Your Mission-Driven Organization

Greater community engagement is what fuels your mission. That's why your communication strategy is so important.

Honeycomb Copy can save you time by writing copy that channels your passion and inspires your stakeholders to take action.

So, if you're in a mission-driven business (b-corp, nonprofit, marketing agency, or solopreneur) and feel overwhelmed with your communications or want to grow your community, I'd love the opportunity to explore how we could work together.

Ready to empower your mission, build a changemaker community, and grow your impact? Then, let’s chat!

Types of Copywriting & Strategic Projects

Copywriting invites your stakeholders to take action. Without knowing who you're talking to, it's hard (if not impossible) to get the results you want. Good copywriting is empathetic, engages your stakeholders, and motivates them to take a simple, next-step action. Here are some copywriting deliverables you can receive:

  • Website Landing Pages
  • Articles/Blogs
  • Emails (Marketing Campaigns, Funnel/Welcome Series, etc.)
  • Video Scripts
  • Downloadable Guides
  • Social Media Posts
  • ...And more!
Curious to see some samples? Please email me and let me know what you want to see, and I can create a custom portfolio for you. My email is

Basic SEO Services

I'm an advocate for growing your website organically, rather than paying for ads that disappear once you stop paying for them. And, although I'm not a full-blown SEO agency, I know enough to make an online impact. By knowing the basics of on-page SEO, I can discover keyword opportunities and help your website appear in higher search results. Here are ways you can use my SEO services:

  • Audit your existing website to find growth opportunities
  • Discover organic keywords you can start ranking for
  • Optimize existing content for on-page SEO
  • Develop an SEO strategy for your organization

Copy Editing

Perhaps you already have excellent writers or enjoy the writing process. That’s great! Maybe you want a careful eye to proofread, check for plagiarism, and comb through your work with a copywriter’s touch. I would be happy to show up for you in this capacity.  

Whether you need help editing a single article or optimizing your existing blogs, I can save you time launching and publishing your best work.

Why Partner With Honeycomb Copy?

Having written in multiple industries – especially in faith-based causes – I can write compelling copy that will empathize with your stakeholders, keep them engaged, and beckon a response to your call-to-action.

When you partner with Honeycomb Copy, you'll get more than words on a page. I will also:

  • Research Your Cause by including relevant & powerful statistics
  • Clarify Your Call-To-Action by crafting a messaging strategy
  • Keep Consistent Tone by writing in your brand voice
  • Increase Ranking Potential by implementing on-page SEO

I take the time to ask insightful questions, get to know your organization, understand your stakeholders, and master your brand messaging. Once I know these, I can use a messaging strategy that will inspire action from your community.

Ready to get started? Schedule your discovery call today!